Custom Upholstery Made in the USA

Custom Upholstery Made in the USA

Custom Upholstery Made in the USACustom Upholstery Made in the USACustom Upholstery Made in the USA

If you can dream it, we can build it!

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"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue"

We sometimes have a piece of furniture that we dearly love.  Perhaps it is a treasured heirloom.  But it doesn't look so great and maybe is a little wobbly.  Maybe it's ripped or stained and just doesn't go with your décor anymore.

Let me tell you a story....Once upon a time, a customer walked in and asked if we could re-upholster a sofa that had been handed down to him.  It was a really old piece and had been living in the garage for years.  It's gold velvet upholstery was worn and sad.  We called it "Goldilocks".  The customer wanted to use it in his home but in it's condition, it just wasn't acceptable.  When we saw it, we saw a piece of history that deserved to be saved.....That's just one of the things we do.  

So we accepted the challenge.  Our customer picked out some beautiful velvet that had a modern feel while conforming to the spirit of the sofa.  Beautiful Blue!!!! 

Goldilocks went to our shop, a sad old girl.  We took it down to the frame, made some minor repairs, re-tied the springs, put new foam in her cushions and dressed her up in her new blue velvet.  

The rest is history...…...

Whether you're saving a family heirloom, designing a new piece or buying something off of our showroom floor, Z Home Furnishings is the place to go.

About Us


Handcrafted Upholstery

David has over 30 years of experience and can assist you in designing anything that you can think of. He also works closely with local and international designers to create the style you desire.


Innovative Designs

  • Endless frames from which to choose.
  • Countless leathers and fabrics
  • Drapery design, construction and hardware
  • Fashion forward luxurious wall coverings


Committed to Quality

Our custom upholstery is made in North Carolina in 4 to 6 weeks by skilled tradesman. We strive to give our customer the best designs from today with high quality and craftsmanship.


Online Ordering

You may ask...why don't we participate in website orders?  Our business is a tactile experience.  You need to feel it to appreciate it. From the sturdiness of the solid hardwood frames to the supple leather, this is truly an experience you won't forget.  Definitely not an "order on line" product.  We focus on fit primarily.  When you find a piece of furniture that is comfortable, we will begin the custom design.  At Z Home Furnishings we offer a variety of fine leathers and luxurious fabrics to choose from.  Your furniture will be truly yours and you'll never see anything like it.  You can also choose the embellishments …. nailheads, wood finishes, stitching or piping.  Rest assured that with our superior construction consisting of coil spring systems and state of the art foam, you will have a piece of furniture that you will love for a lifetime.


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